Cheryl Baker's Theatre Workshop

The Cheryl Baker Theatre Workshop is not a school! We are a production group for 11 year olds and up, and we are focused on performance, not classes. Every Sunday, from 10am till 1pm, we will work together on producing a fabulous theatrical experience, culminating in live performances throughout the year.

We cover all aspects of performing so if you are more of a dancer than a singer or more of an actor than a dancer, we will work to your best ability.

Our productions will be fantastic but you donít need to be a professional to be a part of them. We welcome students who have had no training whatsoever, as well as those who have been to vocational colleges.

We will occasionally invite performers from Londonís West End shows to come along and offer their expertise. If we recognise exceptional talent within our cast we will do our utmost to promote it.

MidKent College is a fabulous location for our workshop. The mirrored dance studios have sprung floors, plus a superb sound system. It has recording studios, a 300-seat theatre and plenty of free parking.

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Hope we see you soon!

Cheryl Baker's Theatre Workshop    -   - Tel:07802 260858